BlogHer 2012: The Best Blog Posts About The Conference (So Far)

Parenthesis: BlogHer 2012 Edition

Mom bloggers writing posts about a conference dedicated to -- what else -- blogging: in the blog world, it doesn’t get much more meta than that.

But BlogHer 2012 -- the massive annual event that’s just getting under way in New York City -- has already inspired visual packing lists, friendly advice and even a virtual visit from the President himself.

Below are some of the tips, memories and confessions that have been shared so far. (For more, check out the Twitter action on #BlogHer12 -- but prepare to be inundated!)

  • Ellen Seidman reveals her “unofficial BlogHer pre-conference diet” regime, complete with Pirate’s Booty, Spanx, “Milano cookies, nail polish in the shade of Fungus, and many other breakthrough concepts," on Love That Max.

  • An honest and funny post from Jen of People I Want To Punch In The Throat about pre-BlogHer clothes shopping (with mom, budding fashionista daughter, and LEGO-happy son in tow).
  • "[I]f long posts about conferences full of social media devotees aren’t your thing, skip this one," Kristen Howerton advises on Rage Against The Minivan, before launching into a thoughtful (and comprehensive!) rundown of advice. “BlogHer was kind of like a big giant stress-dream for me,” she confesses -- and her friendly tips (e.g. "Don’t worry if the place you are at is the best place to be. MAKE it the best place to be by being present. You can’t be five places at once, but you can enjoy yourself wherever you are.”) should help nervous conference-goers relax.
  • You may think you’ve already read a lot about BlogHer, but Mom101’s Liz Gumbinner -- a conference veteran -- offers 12 “tips that no one else will tell you." Her advice is indeed frank -- “Yes, it does matter what you wear. … Also, will it kill you to brush your hair? And put on some lip gloss?" -- but it's designed to maximize attendees' enjoyment and impact.
  • “It's been years since I minced around a clothing joint that wasn't Walmart or Target with the occasional (once a year-ish) jaunt to T.J. Maxx thrown into the oh-so-refined mix,” Monica Bielanko writes on The Girl Who. Still, she braved Urban Outfitters to pick out a new dress just for this weekend’s “merry-making.” Read all about it here.
  • If these posts aren’t enough to get you in the mood -- or if you’re a blogger who won’t be in New York for the conference -- click through the last few days' worth of content on Lesbian Dad for an atmospheric NYC photo tour.