Proof That The 'Parenthood' Ensemble Is The Tightest Cast On TV

Proof That 'Parenthood' Has The Tightest Cast On TV

If you're a "Parenthood" fan, you know the Braverman clan is the most tight-knit family on TV -- they laugh, they cry, they solve each others problems. But did you know the "Parenthood" cast is basically a family too?

Here's the proof:

Mae Whitman (Amber Holt) and Miles Heizer (Drew Holt) are real-life roommates.

miles heizer mae whitman

“We’re definitely unusually close, just as far as human beings go,” Whitman told BuzzFeed. “Miles is definitely my best friend.”

Even better, they're in each others phones as "Mae Blood" and "Miles Blood."

Lauren Graham, Mae and Miles' TV mom, really wants to be their real mom ...
mae whitman miles heizer lauren graham

"This is my son, Miles. I'm the mom, he's my son," Whitman joked in an interview with Zap2it. "He's my son! You're not even in wardrobe! What are you doing?" Graham joked back, before Heizer said, "You can both be my moms."

... And she's all about sending them loving tweets.

Graham's onscreen ex-fiancee Jason Ritter is part of the gang, too.

"Because I started four years ago with them, Lauren, Mae [Whitman], Miles [Heizer] and I all sort of stayed in touch and became like a little family," Ritter told HuffPost TV.

Sam Jaeger and Erika Christensen are bummed out that Joel and Julia are separating ... mostly because they love working together so much.

Xolo Mariduena, who plays Victor, isn't above guilt tripping his TV parents ...

... And it certainly looks like Savannah Paige Rae (Sydney) and Tyree Brown (Jabbar) are BFF.

Mae Whitman and Joy Bryant are all about TV-related late-night phone calls.
mae whitman joy bryant
"You'll really never find anyone cooler than Joy [Bryant]," Whitman told Rolling Stone. "Sometimes we call each other late at night just to recap 'Chopped' episodes."

Monica Potter and Peter Krause may not be married in real life, but they're still best friends.
monica potter

Did we mention they're obsessed with each other?
parenthood cast

"I’m extremely honored to be a part of this family," Whitman told Rolling Stone. "I hope this show goes on a million years so I can grow old with these clowns."

Preach, Mae.

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