'Parenthood' Finale: Season 4 Ending Will Be 'Very Satisfying,' Says Jason Katims (VIDEO)

WATCH: Get Your Tissues Ready For The 'Parenthood' Finale

It's been a very emotional fourth season of "Parenthood," but when the finale airs tonight (Tuesday, January 22 at 10 p.m. EST on NBC), fans will be satisfied, says the show's creator, Jason Katims.

"There are definitely some emotional moments and there's a lot of resolution in the season finale," Katims told The Hollywood Reporter. "I think the way the show ends has a very beautiful montage at the end, which came out really great. I think it'll be very satisfying. I can't predict the amount of Kleenex, but I'm proud of the episode."

As you prepare your Kleenex, watch two sneak peeks of the "Parenthood" Season 4 finale below.

In the first, Sydney (Savannah Paige Rae) gets brutally honest with her parents Joel (Sam Jaeger) and Julia (Erika Christensen) about how she feels about her potential new step-brother Victor (Xolo Mariduena).

"I don't think it's a good idea for Victor to be adopted," Sydney says in the clip below. "He's not truly a part of this family and some stupid ceremony isn't going to change that."

Katims said Victor's storyline will be resolved in the "Parenthood" finale. "[Julia's] decision seems to be in the direction of moving forward with this adoption on the faith that she will forge this emotional connection with Victor," he told THR. "The final episode is watching how she goes about doing that."

Also in the "Parenthood" finale, Drew (Miles Heizer) gets some good news -- as you'll see in the clip below -- but it may not all be happy tears for him. "The journey for Drew over the course of the series has been a real coming-of-age story," Katims told THR. "Certainly having to deal with something so big like [Amy's abortion] is something that's going to really have an influence on what happens with him next."

Tune in for the Season 4 finale of "Parenthood" on Tuesday, January 22 at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.

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