Parenthood is Ending and I'm Shamelessly Bawling

PARENTHOOD -- 'What To My Wondering Eyes' Episode 411 -- Pictured: (l-r) Miles Heizer as Drew Holt, Mae Whitman as Amber Holt
PARENTHOOD -- 'What To My Wondering Eyes' Episode 411 -- Pictured: (l-r) Miles Heizer as Drew Holt, Mae Whitman as Amber Holt, Lauren Graham as Sarah Braverman, Dax Shepard as Crosby Braverman, Sam Jaeger as Joel Graham, Erika Christensen as Julia Braverman-Graham, Bonnie Bedelia as Camille Braverman, Craig T. Nelson as Zeek Braverman -- (Photo by: Neil Jacobs/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Tomorrow night is the end of an era. A very sweet era. Parenthood, the show that has captured us for six seasons is bidding its adieu.

I love the show. With passion.

Because it is the perfect blend of heart and the aching humor that is a too true testament to the realness of this life.

Because it nails the pain, perfection and glory of our day-to-days every single time.

Because the characters love each other and define not only what family is, but what it, by my total estimation, should be.

Because I laugh. I cry. And sometimes my husband does too. Even though he would never, ever admit it.

The characters are phenomenally whole individually but unfailingly rise to greater heights when together-as family should.

This show is amazing... it's ability to capture your heart with the too-true realness of life while making you laugh along the way celebrates the beauty of life, family and parenthood like no other. Watch it now!

Christina blows my mind every episode. It is true, I have a substantial crush on Monica Potter. Yet beyond my swooning heart lies an incredibly powerful woman who has struck and won multiple battles on this earth. Though her power isn't what wows me. It's that she still smiles, that she gives her best for her kids-every single day, and that she loves her husband not despite, but because of, the harsh realities of life.

Her husband Adam, owns my love for the singular reason that he always, always acts towards the best for his family. Always. Integrity defined.

Adam's commitment reaches not only to his wife and children, but to his family of origin, as seen in his love for his brother, Crosby. These two guys have had a rough road. Crosby is a mess. But our hearts melt for him anyway, and not just because he is played by Dax Shepard. We love Crosby because he tries. Always tries to do the right thing. Is this not all of us?

This example of brotherly love is the most gorgeous thing I could hope for my children. No greater gift to walk through this life with than a sibling who is your tried-and-true friend. I love them.

I'll be honest, I think Lauren Graham could poorly play a serial axe murder, and I'd still stand on the sidelines, cheering her along. Her portrayal as Lorelei in Gilmore Girls earned her a free pass for life in my book. However, no free pass is needed for her character, Sarah. Sarah is not one of my favorites, but I love her. I love her because she is real. She knows too well that life hurts, and while she remains daunted by this truth at times, she is no longer lives in fear of pain; she has already been through it. Also, long ago she decided she was going to be a really, really good mom. And she is. What gorgeous character strength.

Julia has been harder for me to wrap my head around, though I've softened to her in more recent seasons. Yet my lack of warmth entirely fails to translate to her husband Joel. I imagine I will go weak in the knees for Sam Jaeger for the foreseeable rest of my life because of his role. Joel screwed up; we all do. He's a good guy.

While Camille is another I'm not sold out for but have grown to appreciate, her husband Zeek is THE STUFF OF THIS WORLD. He is not only the soul of his family, he is the show. Think about what Parenthood is all about -- loving your family and being there for them while finding yourself in the process. This is Zeek, a gruffy old man with one of the kindest hearts, ever.

This grandfather is the definition of family love. One of the gruffiest older dudes I know... yet he wins my heart EVERY TIME. Tell me you love Zeek too? The heart... the heart! It kills me...

Drew, Amber, Max (brilliant, brilliant child actor), Hank, Jasmine, Jabbar... who could you not love? These characters are all rich and lovely and add shine to a show that is already dazzlingly shiny. In fact, the only character I cannot cheer is Sydney. Savannah Paige Rae is dear, but I already have my own whiny kids at home.

I sob that I don't want it to end. My husband reminds me that all good shows must exit while the iron is still hot. The mature part of me wants to accept this. The other parts of me want to script hate letters to NBC.

All Parenthood fans know that the Bravermans are the true originals -- of a family who loves, cares, laughs, and knows how to throw an impromptu dance party like no other.

Watch them! The gorgeous Braverman empire.

Regardless of the war the wages within, the tissues will win out. I can't say what exactly what will happen in tomorrow night's episode when the gorgeous Braverman curtain is called, but I know it will involve a mountain of soaked kleenexes-each wet with the bittersweet joy of a show that has nailed the heart of this life.

Well done, Parenthood. Well done.