'Parenthood' May Not Be Over After All

Already sobbing.

"Parenthood" creator Jason Katims wants to tug on your heartstrings a few more times. 

At the Television Critics Association panel for his new Hulu show, "The Path," Katims revealed he'd be interested in returning to the world of "Parenthood" a few years down the line, citing Richard Linklater's "Boyhood" as inspiration:

That would be a really interesting thing, to revisit 'Parenthood' when Drew [Miles Heizer] has now graduated from college and Haddie [Sarah Ramos] has graduated from college and somebody, who knows, may be nearing retirement age. Stuff that gives us fodder for new stuff and things we haven't explored before. Seeing [Jabbar and the kids] growing up would be really interesting.

Please, please, PLEASE let us see a teenage Sydney.

"Parenthood" ended its six-season run on NBC last year with a flash-forward montage teasing the core cast members' fates. That means if Katims does return to the series, viewers have at least a little bit of an idea of what they could possibly see. READ: more Jason Street Scott Porter.

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