'Parenthood' Premiere Season 5: The Bravermans Are Back

The Bravermans are finally back in action, so it's time stock up on the tissues and get ready for another season of "Parenthood".

The Season 5 premiere episode opens with Crosby and a very pregnant Jasmine arguing over baby names and shopping for cribs. In typical TV fashion, Jasmine chooses that exact moment to go into labor, bringing the still-nameless Trussell-Braverman into the world three weeks early. As is to be expected, parenthood isn't an easy adjustment for either of them. Jasmine is perpetually irritated (what else is new?) and Crosby just can't seem to connect with his newborn daughter.

"I'm sure you're going to be the best thing that ever happened to me one day, but right now I really hate you," Crosby says to the baby in a moment of sleep-deprived weakness. And In case you were wondering, they named her "Aida". Yep, like the musical.

Meanwhile, Kristina is approached by Bob Little to run his campaign for mayor. Yes, the same Bob Little Kristina lost all respect for when he started hooking up with Amber! Kristina, who's been feeling very carpe diem lately, decides that rather than run his campaign she wants to run against him. Sure, she has no political experience, but why not give it a shot? As to be expected, Adam doesn't exactly jump for joy, but Kristina is a Braverman-in-law. She's made a decision, and she's planning to stick to it.

Over at the Graham household, Julia is struggling with the work/life balance. After taking on the brave role of a stay-at-home mom last season, Julia is starting to crave the daily grind again. It doesn't help when Joel's all-business boss tells Julia that she seems like "more than a housewife" ... or that she happens to be very pretty.

Sarah doesn't seem to have made much progress since her very messy Season 4. She feels anxious because she doesn't hear from Drew much now that she's in college, and her new role as the superintendent of a building seems to consist of letting drunk, locked-out tenants into their apartments. But the big news in Sarah's life is that Hank (Ray Romano) is back. The two don't have a single interaction in the episode, but Hank forms a surprising bond with Max, taking him under his wing and teaching him about photography.

After a relatively tear-free night, "Parenthood" saved its emotional attack for the very end. Amber, who has been struggling with her long distance relationship, finally gets the chance to see Ryan at the end of the episode. Nothing brings out the waterworks quite like a military reunion, and of course "Parenthood" knows how to take it one step further and really get those tears flowing. As soon as Ryan embraces Amber he drops to one knee, asking her to marry him. Amber is crying, we're crying, it's a big teary mess. She immediately accepts and this semi-lackluster episode finally feels like the "Parenthood" we know and love.

Total Tear Count: 1

"Parenthood" airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.