Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Parenthood

What are your plans for Treat Yo Self 2012?
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When you're a parent, it's easy to forget that you are so much more than a mom or dad, wife, husband or partner. You are still an individual and it's important to remember that every once in a while (hopefully before you're burned out!).

Friends, let's bring on Treat Yo Self 2012. The brilliant Aziz Ansari and Retta remind us of this sacred tradition.

Here are my plans for Treat Yo Self 2012:

1. Wake up when my body is ready, not when someone small breathes on me.

2. Refuse to pack a single lunch. Take comfort in the fact that my kids will not starve.

3. Go for a leisurely walk to nowhere. Pull a Forrest Gump just because I can.

4. Go to Target by myself. Peruse every darn aisle.

5. Eat without feeling rushed and without sharing.

6. Drink a strong latte in a "for here" cup. You know, the ceramic, breakable ones.

7. Get a fancy dessert somewhere, something kids totally hate. Like Tiramisu.

8. Take a class at the gym without once looking at my watch.

9. Take a long shower with the door locked.

10. Drive with all of the windows down.... on the freeway.

What are your plans for Treat Yo Self 2012?

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