Parenting After Divorce: Minnesota Judge's Profound Advice For Divorced Parents

When you're in the middle of divorce and exhausted by arguments with your ex and meetings with your attorney, it's a sad reality that you're sometimes distracted from what really matters: your kids' welfare.

That's why we were so impressed when we stumbled upon the stern words Minnesota judge Michael Haas had for one couple involved in a particularly difficult divorce case nearly two decades ago.

The advice, which Imgur user Ddniuk recently shared, originally appeared in a 1994 "Dear Abby column," and has been circulated in multiple publications since -- but good parenting advice is good parenting advice, as far as we're concerned.

Read Haas' words of wisdom below:

Have truer words ever been spoken? Tell us what you think of this advice in the comments, then click through the slideshow below for more real talk on post-divorce parenting from HuffPost Divorce experts.

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