Parenting Cartoon Books That Make The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Prepping for a child's arrival never looked so good.

Many artists capture the beauty of life. Others illustrate the chaos of life as a parent.

In recent years, many artists have turned to cartoons and comics to share funny parenting moments, their inner thoughts as moms and dads and the heartfelt experience of spending time as a family. Some of these folks have gone on to publish books on such topics, making their reads both a creative and compelling baby shower gift for parents-to-be.

Check out their work below.

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"I'm So Pregnant: An Illustrated Look at the Ups and Downs (and Everything in Between) of Pregnancy"
Norway-based artist Line Severinsen holds nothing back about the ups and downs of pregnancy in her book "I'm So Pregnant." (Buy here)
"Parenting: You Will Never Pee Alone Again"
The title pretty much sums up this one. Brenda Li started Summer and Muu Comics to add some creativity to her life. When she became a mom, she shifted to documenting her happy, funny and unpredictable days as a mom. (Buy here)
"Darth Vader and Son"
If you know parents-to-be who are "Star Wars" fans, this title from author and illustrator Jeffrey Brown is a winner. It imagines a world in which Darth Vader played a more active role in his kids' lives (there's a follow-up about his "little princess," Leia), all while capturing the shenanigans kids are known for. (Buy here)
"Fowl Language: Welcome to Parenting"
Brian Gordon, the artist and dad behind Fowl Language comics, welcomes parents to the club with an eye-opening yet hilarious look at raising kids. (Buy here)
"Kid Gloves: Nine Months of Careful Chaos"
Artist Lucy Knisley is known for both hilarious and heartfelt illustrations about parenthood, and her graphic memoir is no different. In "Kid Gloves," she touches on fertility struggles, pregnancy, childbirth and more. (Buy here)
"Lunarbaboon: The Daily Life of Parenthood"
Christopher Grady, the dad behind the web comic "Lunarbaboon," took the internet by storm with his parenting cartoons, specifically his lessons about empathy and kindness. This book showcases some of his best work. (Buy here)
"Mama Tried: Dispatches from the Seamy Underbelly of Modern Parenting"
New Yorker cartoonist Emily Flake illustrates and explains the moments many moms know all too well, including morning sickness, breastfeeding, sleep training and more. (Buy here)
"New Mom Comics: The First Year"
Back in 2016, artist Alison Wong told HuffPost her first year of motherhood was "the most transformative year" of her life. Readers can take a look at her experience and motherhood in general through her funny and sweet drawings. (Buy here)
"Sketchy Muma: What It Means To Be A Mother"
In "Sketchy Muma," U.K.-based artist Anna Lewis shares the frantic, busy side of parenting as well as the loving, heart-bursting moments she experiences as a mother. (Buy here)
"The World According to Toddlers"
Cartoonist Adrienne Hedger, who shares her work under the name Hedger Humor, is known for art that sums up what it's like to raise kids, from back-to-school season to dinnertime with little ones. She teamed up with Shannon Payette Seip, author of kids' cookbook "Bean Appétit," to explain life from the view of a toddler. (Buy here)

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