This Mom's Cartoons About Raising Teens Are So Spot-On

The one about "inspirational posters" for teens is hilarious.

As her Instagram bio states, Annie Kurzweg is a “depicter of everyday household complaints and lunacies.” In other words, she documents what it’s like to raise three teens through her hilarious cartoons.

Kurzweg began creating the cartoons when her oldest child was in middle school as a way to communicate with her kids and remind them in a fun way to do things.

“As a way to complain to them, but with a little bit of humor,” she joked.

Her three children are teenagers now, and her artwork captures the daily struggles of taking care of semi-independent kids, from trying not to embarrass them to reminding them to pick up their clothes off the floor.

Kurzweg told HuffPost she went to art school, but didn’t focus on cartooning there. She uses the medium now to relax after a long day. Unlike many artists, she hasn’t gone digital. She draws on paper with her favorite pens and scans her work to post online.

“I’ve never done any digital artwork at all,” she said. “I just really like the quiet of sitting down at the end of the night when I have a few minutes and drawing.”

She initially only shared the cartoons with her kids and on her private Facebook page. Her children ended up being the ones to encourage her to share them publicly with other parents on Instagram.

Kurzweg said her kids enjoy the cartoons. She’s careful to get their approval and not share moments that are too personal.

When asked whether she thought it was harder to raise toddlers or to raise teens, Kurzweg said it was a draw.

“Parenting is just hard no matter the age,” she said. “It’s trite, but each age has such joys and such difficulties. I feel like you don’t sleep when they’re older and you don’t sleep when they’re younger for different reasons. I remember thinking it was hard when I had a toddler and I think it’s hard now.”

Kurzweg said she’s happy to have a creative outlet to capture the funny bits of life as a parent.

“There’s so much humor to be found in all the little details of family life,” she said.

See more of Kurzweg’s work below.

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