Parenting During The Coronavirus Pandemic: What You Need To Know

COVID-19 has upended all aspects of life. Here's how to navigate life at home with your kids now.
They've got a front-row seat to children's well-being this year. Here's what they're seeing.
The pandemic has created added anxiety and pressures on children. Here's what parents can do to help.
There has never been a "right" age anyway. And there are far more important lessons for kids to take away from the pandemic.
New guidance suggests in-person schooling is safe for kids and teachers despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
Is it better to be vaccinated against the coronavirus early in pregnancy, or closer to your due date? Here's what we know so far.
A new book shows parents why modeling self-care habits helps raise emotionally resilient kids.
And that's OK. Here are small steps to get back on track, if you want to.
Some kids have lived half of their lives during COVID-19. What impact do early childhood development experts think that isolation will have on them?
Amid continued uncertainty, experts share their tips for parents navigating the next chapter of the pandemic with their children.
School districts around the country expect kids to sign on as the snow comes down. But parents have THOUGHTS.
What can families trapped at home together do about 24/7 sibling bickering?
"Cluck like a chicken" is the pandemic parenting advice I never knew I needed.
And why getting kids to draw what they're worried about can actually help them.
"Cluck like a chicken" is the pandemic parenting advice I never knew I needed.
Losing well isn't an innate skill children are born with. It's something they're supposed to learn from adults.
COVID-19. The election. 2020 has brought one unknown after the next. So how can we raise kids who are experts at living with uncertainty?
The actor spoke with HuffPost about his family's recent move, what he's learned about his kids during COVID-19 and more.
A changing relationship to food in social isolation shouldn't be ignored.
Yes, most kids are resilient and will come out of this just fine. But experts warn about a smaller subset who are battling significant traumatic stress.
Kids of all ages continue to slip into old behaviors as the coronavirus pandemic slogs on. Here's what parents need to know.
Experts can say "with confidence" that parents should expect a delay.
Creative ideas for the COVID-19 pandemic, from glow-in-the-dark scavenger hunts to candy cannons.
Experts explain why this behavior is normal for children in online classrooms.
Small tweaks to what and how you ask can give you a true sense of how your child is actually coping — beyond "yes," "no" and fine."
They're a powerful tool in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. But what if children can't keep their fingers off their faces?
Doctors share how they'll be celebrating Halloween with their kids amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Students were supposed to be back in school, but many aren't. Now what?
As the pandemic wears on, being adequate is more than enough.
Experts share their advice for parents navigating online classes with kids who are nervous on-screen.
From clinginess to regression, here's what to look out for. And how to give them attention without depleting yourself.
Think your kid might be dealing with online bullying? Here's what to look out for and how to support them.
With the stresses of Covid-19, it's even harder to keep your cool. But give yourself a break – you’re parenting through a pandemic.
Remote learning has been really hard for many kids. But others are surprisingly thriving.
Virtual classrooms have made life easier for many kids who dealt with bullies, but new forms of cyberbullying exist.
Because my child alternates between asking when it's over and falling out of his chair.
We adapted through spring and summer. Now a new school year begins as we face more months of an impossible juggle — with no help in sight.
"I am screaming in my car, sobbing in my shower, staring into the darkness when it’s time to sleep. And I know that you are too."
"I just keep searching for people who can help us,” says a mom whose teenage daughter has been sick with the coronavirus since March.
Dena Blizzard's “A SIMPLE explanation of our Simple Hybrid Plan!” is painfully real.
Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this is already a school year unlike any other.
These stories help kids understand and process the coronavirus pandemic.
The fits and tears seem understandably worse this year. Experts share ways to handle kids' bad behavior in the lead up to school.
Those with COVID-19 who are expecting may be less likely to show symptoms and more likely to give birth early, among other issues.
Spend at least five minutes a day, every single day, hanging out with them and doing whatever they want.
Helpful tips for parents to help their children with distance learning during the coronavirus pandemic.
Be patient. Read everything. Communicate — then communicate some more.
From screen placement to decorative touches, here's how to give your children a remote learning space they don't hate.
Reopening schools is possible, one researcher said, but high-density classrooms and failure to wear face masks would be a "disaster."
Despite some people's very strong opinions, there actually are no "rights" or "wrongs" right now.
Six practical tips for parents to help make the first day back a little easier for their children.
Psychologists discuss the potential emotional costs of having kids return to the classroom, only to be yanked out down the road.
The spring return of students in Europe, albeit brief, failed to trigger a significant increase in infections, suggesting risks can be managed.
HuffPost Parents talked to Emily Oster about how to think through some of those decisions.
Here's what doctors with children really think of distance learning versus in-person learning during the coronavirus pandemic.
This isn't the school year that any of us wanted. Here's how to honor your child's feelings — and help them start off strong.
These books pay tribute to the powerful role educators play in kids' lives.
From outbursts to changes in imaginative play, here's what to look for.
In their own words, here's what teachers want to tell parents about going back to school during the coronavirus pandemic.
Once again, the virus is exposing this country's stark racial and economic divides.
Children have a wide range of emotions about the uncertainty of returning to school. Here's how parents can help.
Children have shown an increase in mental health issues throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Here's how parents can help.
Parents can teach their children these skills at home during the coronavirus pandemic.
Experts share their advice for parents navigating financial insecurity with their children.
More drills, no spectators — but still plenty of opportunities for kids to learn and play.
"It’s almost like this pandemic is creating a system where we’re setting women up to develop depression and anxiety postpartum."
Creativity, patience and low community spread help. So, apparently, do wings.
Young kids can't always communicate how they feel. Here's what to keep in mind if you think your child is sick with the coronavirus.
Brian Gordon's "Fowl Language Comics" is weighing in on the school reopening debate.
The great school debate of fall 2020: Who will be required to wear masks, and will kids go for it?
Join our virtual event for parents who are stressed and have anxiety about back-to-school season during the pandemic.
For many families, the spring was a disaster. Here's how to start prepping for a saner, more effective Round 2.
What moms-to-be need to know about COVID-19 and pregnancy.
We're facing a year without precedent in modern parenthood. So why do we feel so ... detached?
Educators share the thoughts and questions racing through their minds right now.
As COVID-19 cases surge, experts warn we could start to see more kids with MIS-C around the country.
Yes, you want your kids to succeed. But you also want them to be grounded, emotionally intelligent humans.
Is your child anti-mask? Maybe you just haven't found the right fit.
He can't read or tie his shoes. But he's handling this minor inconvenience better than many adults.
Sixty percent said they're feeling lonely. And more than half said they feeling anxious.
How many kids get COVID-19 with no symptoms? Here's what parents need to know.
With no clear guidance from the top, American parents are making very different choices for their families right now.
Parents who have one kid at home say it's easier in many ways, and way harder in others.
From "de-densification" to social distancing contracts, big changes are here — and they could last for a while.
Some schools are considering requiring them in the fall. Many parents are ... skeptical.
Their lives have been turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. How long will that stick with them?
Toddlers and teens alike can't seem to leave parents alone. Here's what's behind it, and how to deal.
Parents of babies share their tips for balancing work and child care during the coronavirus pandemic.
Video calls can be a harsh reminder of the sudden changes in your child's life.
Experts share advice on how parents can help their kids learn how to bounce back during the coronavirus pandemic.
It's understandable to be nervous, but please don't skip your kids' checkups during COVID-19.
You'll need a clear picture of the specific safety measures your child’s day care is taking to help keep everyone healthy.
From face masks to shorter days, school for K-12 kids may be very different when it restarts.
From donating blood to hiding in the spider-filled basement, these tactics highlight parents' desperation in the age of coronavirus.
Children are being hospitalized with a rare inflammatory syndrome that seems to be linked to coronavirus.
Experts share advice for people who struggle on the holiday but can't cope in the same ways this year.
Creators want to entertain and inform our quarantined children while also giving exhausted caregivers a much needed boost.
Creative ways real moms and dads are helping children to recognize their coronavirus-related emotions — and open up about them.
Missing your mom extra right now? These ideas will help you feel more connected to her not just on Mother's Day, but all year long.
In honor of Teacher Appreciation Day, the women behind #IMomSoHard released a video called "I Appreciate Teachers So Hard."
"Lots of mothers gonna be surprised when their Mother's Day gift is a barrel of oil."
In just a few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed childbirth and pregnancy around the country.
Some kids won't leave the house at all – even for daily exercise. Here's how to help get then outdoors.
Remote learning is the pits, and it's not ending anytime soon. Here's how to push through.
So you suck at teaching Math and Science. Why not just bake a cake?
Giving birth while there's a COVID-19 outbreak is stressful. And many new parents feel incredibly alone.
Multi-household families are drawing on the resiliency that comes from living on the margins.
Yes, kids are missing out on so much right now. But they're also learning some pretty big life lessons during lockdown.
IVF and other treatments are emotionally and physically taxing. Now a new factor of uncertainty is in the mix.
Teenagers' worlds have been rocked by COVID-19, and they're being left out of conversations about mental health and stress.
Parents around the country open up about how hard home school has been for their families.
Struggling to get a moment alone, parents? There's a reason for that: kids are missing their friends.
Hospitals and birth centers are a woman's safest choice, the American Academy of Pediatrics noted in its new guidelines.
Hospitals have barred support partners from postpartum units, leaving many new moms totally on their own.
Hiding behind screens? Falling into old behaviors? Here are five signs your child may be struggling with COVID-19 pandemic-related stress.
Real parents share creative ideas to keep children entertained during the coronavirus pandemic.
How parents can address the uncertainty and fear surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.
Here's how to plan ahead if you're a single or divorced parent who's worried about how to care for your kids if you get coronavirus.
From drive-by showers to Zoom parties, parents share ideas for celebrating this pregnancy milestone while social distancing.
"'I’m a goddamn queen' she whispered to herself as she licked the last of the queso from the bowl."
Child psychologists share their advice for concerned parents during this time of uncertainty.
A day in the life of your child’s worst teacher ever.
Bedwetting and thumb-sucking are telltale signs.
Neurodivergent kids have been longtime fans of the DIY toy.
Consider these the smallest of silver linings.
Experts offers parents advice for talking to their children about the COVID-19 outbreak.
Experts share advice for parents of young children amid the coronavirus outbreak.
As COVID-19 fears weigh on parents, many are turning to Twitter for a reprieve.
From educational games to apps and websites, here are some creative ways to keep children entertained during school closures.
Where's the parenting manual on proper "social distancing" during a pandemic?
Experts offer advice to parents looking to make smart decisions with their children's screen time.
As the outbreak spreads, here's what social distancing looks like among grandchildren and older loved ones.
Not being in the classroom doesn't mean they have to stop learning.
Panic about coronavirus doesn’t serve anyone — especially not kids.
Alison Wong's illustrations offer a light break from the current news cycle.
The coronavirus pandemic has reminded me of an important life lesson: Self-compassion is crucial.
COVID-19 — and social distancing — have upended routines for parents, nannies and daycares.
These free tools provide educational and entertaining activities for kids at home during the coronavirus pandemic.
Parenting in the age of COVID-19 presents some unique challenges.
Big birthday parties are canceled, but parents are sharing their ideas for at-home celebrations while we practice social distancing.
Experts weigh in on whether you should try to conceive a baby during the COVID-19 outbreak.
We asked the HuffPost community for advice on how to help keep your kids busy amid the coronavirus crisis.
Because policies are changing by the minute — and many parents' birth plans have been upended by COVID-19.
"That’s what this is all about ― collecting all of those precious things we take for granted," said Katie Eborall.
Coronavirus and social isolation have upended daily life for families of children on the spectrum who thrive on routine.
What families are being asked to do right now is impossible. It's OK if it feels that way.
Experts share advice normally used on kids that adults can use, too.
Use 'happy' or 'sad' face flashcards, play a ball game – or even get them writing a poem.
"Homeschooling day 7: The PE teacher is not wearing a bra."
The CDC has recommended people wear masks in public to protect against COVID-19. What about children and babies?
Sales of face masks for infants are booming during the coronavirus pandemic, but they're not effective — and could be unsafe.
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