The Red Flags Every Parent Should Look For In Their Teenager's Relationship

Parents may not think their own teenager is in danger of being in an abusive relationship until later in life, but the unfortunate reality is that one in three teens is indeed a victim of dating violence.

Darlene Kiyan, executive director of Break the Cycle, spoke with HuffPost Live's Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani about why teenage domestic violence is such a "tight-kept secret."

"We did a survey with parents, and 81 percent of parents didn't even realize that it was an issue, so I think ... why we haven't heard about it is [because] people don't talk about it," Kiyan said. "Young people aren't reporting it, and a lot of times young people don't even realize that what they're going through is abuse."

While it may be difficult for teenagers to understand abuse, there are signs parents can look for to help their children.

"Help your child know they always deserve to have a choice in every situation," said Mike Domitrz, the founder of The Date Safe Project. "Often what you're going to see here in these relationships is one person trying to possess and control the other."

Watch the video above for more information on how to help your child and click here to watch the full segment on teenage dating violence.

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How To Help A Victim Of Domestic Abuse