Parents Say They Are Convinced Their 7-Year-Old Will Kill Someone (VIDEO)


Kim and her ex-husband, Ryan, say they are terrified of their 7-year-old son, Rylan, whom they adopted from a drug-addicted mother. "I would say Rylan has an obsession with knives. He talks about stabbing us with them, about how he's going to lift them up over his head and plunge them into our chests so he that he gets the best impact," says Kim, who has three other children. "My biggest fear is that we're raising a school shooter, a mass murderer, a serial killer."

Looking back, she claims that at 18 months old, Rylan would hold his breath until he passed out; at 3, he placed multiple knives inside a watermelon; and at 4, he became more aggressive with his siblings and hurt animals. Now, she says that Rylan has an imaginary friend named Bleeder, whom he says tells him to kill his entire family.

"We have not lived a normal day in probably the last three years," says Rylan's dad, Ryan. "When he loses all control, our last resort is a therapeutic hold. We've had to hold him for upwards of 45 minutes to an hour."

He adds, "I do worry about Rylan killing someone." Turning to Dr. Phil, he says, "We are out of options. I know that I can't help him. I need help."

Watch Tuesday's episode of Dr. Phil to hear how Dr. Phil believes these parents can help their child, who has been hospitalized for nearly half his life.

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