Parents Say There's One Thing Worse Than Having Son Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer

After their son, Kirk II, was diagnosed with liver cancer and told he had only six months to live, Laurie and Kirk Sr. claim that the woman who previously had left their son at the altar ran -- not walked -- to tie the knot this time.

"I believe Star was seeing dollar signs with my dying son. She married him for his life insurance money," claims Laurie. "Star is manipulative, and she is out for Star ... Star has physically, emotionally and financially destroyed my son."

Star admits she has cheated on Kirk twice and that she hit him once, but she vehemently denies that she's after his money. "Kirk's family has judged me since day one," says Star, who says she wishes they would back off. "They make me out to be this evil person."

Why is Kirk II eager to save his marriage? Can it even be saved? Should his parents butt out? Watch more from Friday's episode of Dr. Phil here.