If You Fight With Your Spouse, You Should Watch This (VIDEO)

Nikki claims that her husband of three years, Mark, has instigated more than 20 physical fights — including allegedly punching her in the face, breaking her nose and running over her toe with his truck — allegations Mark vehemently denies. “Mark became violent with me soon after I was pregnant with our oldest daughter, and it has escalated over the last three years,” she says. “Mark and I fight and argue daily. It’s a chaotic home.”

Mark claims that Nikki instigates most of their fights, has violent outbursts, thrives on playing the victim, and suspects she even might be trying to kill him. “I am not an abuser,” he says. “Battered wives are scared and timid, because they’re afraid they’re going to be battered. My wife is the exact opposite. My wife will nag, push me and slap me. She has punched me.” He adds, “She will poke and prod until I finally explode.”

Much of their drama unfolds in front of their young daughter.

Watch the video to hear what Dr. Phil has to say — including why he's got déjà vu after a weekend babysitting his grandkids. Tune in to Dr. Phil today to hear if he thinks their toxic relationship can be saved.

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