Parents Finding Out They're Going To Be Grandparents Are Literally Happier Than A Kid On Christmas

Watch These Parents Get The Best Christmas Present Ever -- One You Can't Buy

There's nothing like waking up Christmas day and running straight to the Christmas tree (pajamas mandatory) to see what gifts await you. While it might be nice to get an iPad, some diamonds or whatnot, it's even better to get something you never could have dreamed of.

That's exactly what unfolded a few Christmases ago when Dale and Sherrye Spikes of Baton Rouge, Louisiana woke up to unwrap their gifts. Their son Patrick Spikes and his wife, Shannon, knew their gift would make it a Christmas to remember. That's because they chose the holiday to tell their family they were expecting a baby -- in the most epic way ever.

"We knew we wanted to surprise them for Christmas... We got some shirts, iron-on letters and wrapped them up," Patrick Spikes said in an interview with The Huffington Post.

The second they open their shirts, the message was received loud and clear. "I know my dad. He's the most emotional person on the planet and I knew he was going to have that reaction -- that's why I videoed the whole thing, so I can have that in the future for my little boy," he said of the first-time grandfather.

Patrick Spikes uploaded the video which has nearly 900,000 likes on YouTube and has been recently featured by America's Funniest Home Videos.

Definitely the best Christmas surprise ever.

P.S. Patrick and Shannon Spikes welcomed another baby this year and, yes, you guessed it, they surprised their family again. This time, their older son, Wyatt, showed up on Thanksgiving wearing a shirt saying "Big brother." A for originality.

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