A Parent's Guide To Addressing Race And Racism With Kids

How to help teach your children about activism, tolerance, morality, and violence against Black people through conversation, books and more.
How parents can help their children understand and appreciate diversity.
A new book details the importance of these difficult conversations with your children.
The singer shared how she handles important topics with her sons Egypt, 9, and Genesis, 5.
Here's some expert-backed advice to guide conversations about racism in multiracial families.
Want to teach white children to be anti-racist? This is a good place to start.
Experts share advice for parents navigating issues of racism and white privilege.
White parents, please, please stop saying your family is “colorblind.”
Yes, parents must talk about racism early and often. But children also watch what you do.
Brian Gordon's "Fowl Language Comics" is tackling anti-racism and allyship.
Experts share advice for helping kids deal with fear in the aftermath of events like the killing of George Floyd.
Experts share their advice for teaching kids to fight systemic racism, now and at all times.
Here's an age-by-age guide for white parents to addressing racism and privilege with their children.
Conversations about race, privilege and police brutality are hard. Be open — and have a plan.
Experts share how parents can teach their children to stand up for others, especially bullied kids.
Talking to kids about racial justice and police brutality isn't easy. Do it anyway.
"It is hard work to get her to see the world through my eyes, even when the facts are staring her right in the face ― or in the neighborhood where we both lived."
From race to religion to abilities and more.
Moving beyond Black History Month and beyond the classroom.
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