Parents' Masturbation Note To 13-Year-Old Orders Him To Stop Soiling The Towels (PHOTO)

Parents fed up with their 13-year-old's masturbation habits apparently thought a warning note might work -- perhaps more so now that they've posted it on the Internet.

The sign on the towel rack cautions that the boy had better clean up his act or he'll have to fantasize surrounded by Justin Bieber towels and "My Little Pony" decor.

Reddit user Droplynx published the picture Wednesday via Imgur, and it quickly collected opinions and wisecracks. At least one Reddit commenter called out the parents for shaming the lad. Droplynx wrote, "Btw, my wife posted this."

We reached out to Droplynx to see if this was legit, or if we're all being jerked around.