Dad Of Man Who Killed ‘American Sniper': ‘This Wasn't My Son That Did This' (VIDEO)

Speaking publicly for the first time since their son, Eddie Ray Routh, was convicted of killing former U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, Ray and Jodi Routh, open up about their son, whom they say had been suffering from PTSD and severe mental problems.

"We want to at least get our statement out here the best that we can, because this wasn't my son that did this. It was his body that did it, but it wasn’t him in his right mind," Ray tells Dr. Phil in the video above. "They think our God-dang kid is a villain, I mean, just the evilest son-of-a-bitch on the face of this earth. He’s a decent young man that something snapped in him.”

Dr. Phil’s entire interview with the parents of the man convicted of killing the inspiration behind the movie American Sniper airs Monday.

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