Parents Prank Young Bears Fan With Packers Jersey, Crush Her Dreams

Football rivalries run deep.

So when two mischievous parents decided to prank their daughter by giving her a jersey from a rival team for Christmas, it's fair to assume they knew exactly what was coming. Luckily for the rest of us, they also had the foresight to record her reaction and put it on YouTube.

"My 8-year old daughter Maddie is a big Chicago Bears fan," reads the video description. "Oops! I guess [the] NFL Shop must have messed up or something and sent her the wrong jersey ;)". The jersey in question? A Green Bay Packers get-up, which is about 180-degrees away from the Chicago Bears' Devin Hester jersey young Maddie had been expecting.

This video dates back to 2011, but with both Christmas and the end of the NFL's regular season fast approaching, it's a good one to pluck from the archives.

WATCH Maddie react to getting a Packers jersey instead of a Bears jersey, above.

(Hat tip: Reddit)