Parents React To 'Les Misérables,' Can't Stop Crying (VIDEO)

What does it say about a movie when it makes you cry more than attending a family member's funeral? And, though this question may best be saved for a psychoanalyst, what does that say about your family?

There's no clear answer to either of those questions, but there is this: Blubbering away because of a movie can be hilarious.

Thanks to brothers Ryan and Kevin Ferguson, who accompanied their parents to watch the latest Hollywood remake of "Les Misérables," footage of such blubbering exists. And it's glorious.

Actual quote from Papa Ferguson, mid-sob: "We've been to funerals and been less upset... We've been to funerals of family members and cried less."

As an added bonus, it seems the weeping may have constituted a part of the couple's 28th wedding anniversary. Congratulations, you two! Way to keep your feelings alive!