When Parents Text: Funny Text Messages From Parents To Their Kids

Growing up in a world where there are apps to locate bathrooms and the Internet fits in your back pocket, children learn to text as soon as -- if not before -- they learn to speak. Parents, on the other hand... not so savvy. When we try to master the art of emoticons and acronyms, the results can be hilarious, especially to our kids.

Enter Lauren Kaelin and Sophia Fraioli who created the website turned book, "When Parents Text." After college, the two women moved home and noticed their own mothers and fathers' attempts to text were worth documenting. For example:

I love and miss you



A request to be picked up at 7pm turned into "7 tacos for dinner?"

The authors gave HuffPost Parents ten more examples of parenting keystrokes gone wrong. From emoticons to abbreviations, here R some of R fav txts frm prnts.

When Parents Text

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