Parents' Top Ten Dream Schools: Princeton Review List

The Top 10 Colleges Parents Want Their Kids To Go To

Although students dream of Stanford, parents still consider Harvard University to be the No. 1 dream school for their progeny, according to the Princeton Review.

The results come from the Princeton Review's annual College Hopes and Worries survey. In addition to a rating personal expectations and experiences related to the college application process, 8,219 applicants and 3,966 parents were asked to fill in a "dream school" in response to the question, "What 'dream college' do you wish you or your child could attend if acceptance or cost weren't issues?"

Below, see the top ten dream schools of college applicants' parents, and check out the Princeton Review for more info.

Is the school your parents would pick for you -- or that you would choose for your child -- on the list? Let us know in the comments section.

Harvard University

Parents' Dream Colleges: Princeton Review List

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