Video Shows Inspiring Moments During Paris Shooting

The footage shows how two women manage to flee the chaos in a restaurant beset by terrorists.

Security footage purporting to show the inside of a Paris restaurant where attackers opened fire on Friday night reveals a touching moment of humanity during the chaotic scenes. 

In a video obtained by the Daily Mail, patrons and staff members duck for cover and hide behind chairs to evade the shooters. One employee takes shelter behind the bar, where she is soon joined by another woman, who is clutching her hand as if injured. The staffer, whom the Mail describes as young waitress, comforts her and allows her to lay down while she repeatedly checks the scene. After a while, the two women are able to escape down a flight of stairs. 

In another incredible moment, one of the attackers' guns appears to malfunction just as he's aiming it at a woman. He then walks away, leaving her free to run inside the restaurant to hide.

The Daily Mail didn't name the eatery for security reasons, but said that it was a "pizzeria" in Paris' 11th arrondissement.  

ISIS-linked perpetrators killed at least 129 people in Friday's violence, much of which occurred in or near restaurants around Paris' right bank.