Paris Boutiques Broke Law, Stayed Opened On Sunday Specifically For Michelle Obama

Don't try to go shopping on a Sunday in Paris...unless you're Michelle Obama, that is. Earlier last month when the First Lady and her daughters Sasha and Malia found themselves in the French capital with some euros to spend, the U.S. Embassy had to ask boutiques to stay open on Sunday, a day when shops are normally closed.

In fact, a 1906 law mandated that most retail outlets take Sundays off. But the Obamas' rule-bending Sunday spending spree may have embarrassed French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

"Is it normal that on a Sunday when Madame Obama wants to go to the Paris shops with her daughters, that I have to make phone calls to have them open?" said Sarkozy, who is pushing to change the law.

"Who is going to explain to them why France is the only country where shops are closed on Sundays?"

Two-thirds of French people also support changing the outdated policy.

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