Paris' City Hall Showcases Mind-Bending Optical Illusion (VIDEO)

If you can wrap your head around this one, we'll honestly be impressed.

The image you see above (and in the video below) isn't quite what it seems. In actuality it's a piece of 3D art, creating a mind-bending optical illusion in front of Paris' City Hall.

Designed by François Abelanet, and titled "Who to believe?" the piece is on display through July 15, according to the City of Paris' Official Website. The official release states that the installation is supposed to "question the link between nature and city, and their difficult coexistence."

The video below shows more than just the illusion, delving deeper into its creation.

While pictures may make it seem small, in reality it's enormous.

From Gizmodo:

The work of art may look small in its 3D form, but it's actually huge. It covers 1500 square meters, measures 100 meters long and uses 1200 square meters of lawn. Approximately, 90 gardeners worked for five days to assemble the entire display.