Watch The Moment An Explosion Rocked A Soccer Match In Paris

Watch The Moment An Explosion Rocked A Soccer Match In Paris

As gunfire and explosions rocked multiple parts of Paris late Friday night, one of the blasts could be heard from within the Stade de France during a match between France and Germany.

In the video above, after the explosion, the crowd cheers and the announcer explains that he believes that the sound is "firecrackers being let off in and around the stadium."

“And actually," the announcer continues, "Germany’s buildup to this match was disrupted by a bomb scare at their hotel earlier on."

The German team was evacuated from their hotel in Paris Friday morning following an anonymous threat. By midday, the team was allowed to return, The Guardian reported.

A shorter video of the explosion went viral on Vine:

Following the explosion, French President Francois Hollande, who was attending the match, was evacuated, France 24 reported.

French journalist Stefan de Vries said on Twitter that several grenades had exploded and that gunshots could be heard near the stadium.

As fans were made aware of the situation that was unfolding, some took to the field.

Some fans reportedly fled the stadium, while others who are scared to leave have remained inside.

This is a developing story...

For the latest updates on the situation in Paris, go here.

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