Parisians Pay Homage To Notre Dame With Catholic Hymns, Wine In The Streets

With the cathedral in flames, Parisians prayed, sang and drank in the streets.

Parisians are mourning as a massive fire engulfs Notre Dame, taking down the iconic cathedral’s spire.

Firefighters have been tackling the blaze since Monday evening, and authorities still haven’t determined the cause of the fire or the full extent of the damage. In spite of the chaos, locals have gathered around Paris to pay homage to the famed church with hymns, prayers, and, of course, wine.

In a few videos shared on social media, Parisians could be seen gathered and singing the Catholic prayer “Hail Mary” in French. Others were kneeling in prayer:

Notre Dame translates to “our lady” in French, and the church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Notre Dame’s large bell, Marie, is also named for Mary and has the phrase “Je vous salue Marie,” which means “Hail Mary” in French, engraved on it.

A journalist told NBC News that some Parisians “have opened bottles of wine to share while watching the remaining moments of Notre Dame” in the streets. Reports of people crying in the streets have also cropped up on social media.

Firefighters told Agence France-Presse that the fire was “potentially linked” to renovation work in the building. A spokesperson for the cathedral, André Finot, expressed concern that the fire’s destruction will be beyond repair.

“Everything is burning. The framework, which dates from the 19th century on one side and the 13th century on the other, there will be nothing left,” he told Le Monde. “We have to see if the vault, which protects the cathedral, will be affected or not.”

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