A Decade Has Passed Since Paris Hilton And Kim Kardashian Ignored Tara Reid Outside Hyde Lounge

An important moment in pop culture history.
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Hyde Lounge was a nightclub located on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and North Laurel Avenue in Hollywood. Along with Les Deux, Club LAX and Guy’s, it was one of the best known celebrity hotspots during the mid-aughts.

Those were the years when celebrity gossip seemed to ramp up and there was no shortage of scandal. TMZ had launched in November 2005 and gossip weeklies saw significant circulation increases over the next couple of years as stars like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan provided a constant stream of news. It was in this climate, a full decade ago, that a now-classic moment in pop culture occurred.

On Aug. 25, 2006, Tara Reid strolled up to the velvet rope outside Hyde Lounge, pausing to smile and wave to one of the many photographers in the crowd, before making her way toward the club’s doors. When she reached the club’s doorman, she hugged a man waiting to get in and said, “How funny was last night?” — at least, that seems to be what she said. It’s difficult to hear over the sound of Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose” blaring from the club. That’s also the reason we can’t hear exactly what the doorman said as he informed the actress that he wasn’t going to let her in.

It’s at that moment the camera pans to the right, as Paris Hilton and a relatively unknown Kim Kardashian sashay arm-in-arm past a throng of paparazzi, walking right into the club without giving Reid a second thought.

Reid and Hilton had partied together for years, but Reid had more recently assumed the role of interim BFF after Hilton and Nicole Richie split up ― at least, it seemed that way until Kardashian came along. Why Reid fell out of favor with Hilton is anyone’s guess, but the actress revealed in 2014 that she hasn’t spoken to Hilton since.

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