Paris Hilton Wears A Swimsuit In New Racy Carl's Jr. Commercial

Paris Hilton Rocks Swimsuit In Racy New Commercial

Looks like Paris Hilton is up to her old tricks.

Back in 2005, the blonde certainly got viewers' attention when she washed a car in a steamy Carl's Jr. Superbowl commercial. Nine years later, Hilton is back at it, this time with the help of swimsuit model Hannah Ferguson.

The 33-year-old socialite, suited up in a strappy black monokini, posted behind-the-scenes photos from her newest ad with the fast food chain on July 24:

Watch the full commercial here:
In case you were wondering, this certainly isn't the first time a Carl's Jr. commercial seemed more about sex and less about burgers and fries.
are just a couple of the Hollywood beauties the company has managed to book for their racy ads.

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