Paris Hilton Never Actually Told Kim Kardashian To Clean Her Closet On 'The Simple Life'

Sorry, Paris Hilton Never Actually Ordered Kim K Around On 'The Simple Life'

The Internet loves to remind itself of Kim Kardashian's relatively humble beginnings. That is, before she became the world's most famous reality star, she spent her days toiling as an assistant to then-BFF Paris Hilton.

What's more, the Internet loves to relive a few moments of Hilton being particularly unkind to Kardashian as she allegedly orders her around. Those moments were forever captured on camera for episodes of "The Simple Life" back in the mid-2000s.

Screengrabs from these episodes have become very popular, but there's just one problem -- the captions are completely fake and your favorite Kim Kardashian meme is a fraud.

simple life

simple life 2

Here's the conversation that actually took place on the episode:

Paris: What's wrong, Tinks? She's acting weird. Here, we can do a pregnancy test.
Paris: Blue means you're not pregnant, white means you are.
Blonde woman: What is it?
Paris: Blue.
Kim: Not pregnant.

Yep, that was a scene about giving a dog a pregnancy test.

But moving on, this gif with a caption of Hilton telling Kardashian to organize her closet is again also 100 percent fake.


And while it may be fake, it may actually be better than the real conversation that was had in Paris' closet that day:

Paris: I love this closet, it's so good.
Kim: What's going on with this?
Paris: That's my 'If I ever go to India' outfit.
Kim: Really?
Paris: Yes.
Kim: Are you planning on going?
Paris: Yes, but don't you have to, like, cover up everything?
Kim: You're not allowed to show any of your hair. It's like a law.
Paris: Are you allowed to have blond hair? If you travel there do you really have to do this?
Kim: I think so, or you'll get like shot or something.
Paris: That's hot.

It's difficult to pinpoint exactly where these screengrabs with fake captions originated, but multiple news outlets just assumed they were real, and the myth of Hilton as a demanding boss who desperately needed her closet organized only continued to grow. However, after learning what Hilton and Kardashian were really discussing at the time, the two might now be wishing the hotel heiress was actually ordering the future reality star to clean her closet.

So, if you want these memes to live on, use the right captions:




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