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Paris Hilton Perfume Empire Gets New Fragrance, 'Dazzle'

Never underestimate the Power of Paris. Paris Hilton, celebutante queen of the early aughts and predecessor of Kim Kardashian, is still chugging along and is set to debut her fifteenth fragrance this summer, called Dazzle.

Women's Wear Daily reports that Hilton, who has been slapping her name on scents since 2004, is using the newest product to express (what else?) "her own personality." And why not? It's been working for nearly a decade: sales from Paris Hilton fragrances have generated $1.5 billion over the past eight years, reports WWD, and Dazzle will likely add $20 million to $25 million more.

Or, as Paris told FHM earlier this year, "My fragrances are doing really well at the moment." You don't say.

Still, Paris' continued success may come as a surprise (it certainly did to us). Her celebrity has waned since the "Simple Life" days, evidenced by the cancellation of her latest reality TV endeavor.

Although she doesn't like to dwell on it (when ABC's Dan Harris pointed it out in Hilton's latest TV interview, she stormed off the set), Hilton must keep hustling to stay relevant. As Kim Kardashian BFF Jonathan Cheban told The Huffington Post, "Paris is so jealous... Forget Paris, Kim is now bigger than movie stars. Paris who?"

Paris the perfume maven, that's who. Read more about Dazzle and Hilton's new musical project (yup, there's a second album in the works) at

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