Paris Hilton Reacts To Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Britney Spears Music Videos

Paris Hilton joined us in the What's Trending studio to chat about her new single, "Good Time," and give her two cents on the hottest pop music videos of 2013.

She says of her own single, "The song is just about having a good time. It's produced by AfroJack, and it's featuring Lil Wayne. It's very upbeat, happy, and just really puts you in a good mood." She teases, "The next song is really sexy."

Moving on to share the Paris perspective, she first sounds off on Katy Perry's "Roar," saying, "I think she looks so beautiful in this video. I love the song. It's so powerful."

Next up is Miley Cyrus' controversial "Wrecking Ball" video. While Paris doesn't deny that she would similarly lick a sledgehammer for a music video, Paris concedes, "She's already done it." And she has a lot of praise for the music video's director, Terry Richardson. "I've worked with him so many times before," she says. "He's amazing. He's an artist. I think that video is really sexy ... It's not like your typical music video when you have Terry Richardson shooting it."

Additionally, Paris has nothing but love for pop queen, Britney Spears, and her new "Work Bxxch" single. "I love this video. I think she looks so sexy, with all the dancers, the whipping the costumes."

Finally, Paris takes a look at the 2013 follow-up to Rebecca Black's "Friday," the ultra bizarre "Chinese Food" music video from Alison Gold. "It's...interesting," Paris says, speaking for all of us. "She's a pretty little girl. The lyrics are a little...random, but if you like Chinese food, I guess it's not." Obviously, the creepy panda is the best part of the whole video.

"I love Chinese food!" Paris adds. "Not as much as her, though." That's okay, Paris. I don't think any of us do.