Paris Hilton Says She’s ‘Obviously’ Self-Made, Just Like Kylie Jenner

The Hilton Hotels heiress doesn’t seem to think her famous name had anything to do with her success.
Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton, the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the man who built the hotel empire that bears their name, might want to refer to the dictionary every now and again.

On Monday, TMZ posted a video of one of their reporters asking the 37-year-old heiress to comment on the controversy surrounding Forbes Magazine’s claim that Kylie Jenner was a “self-made billionaire.” Hilton’s response, as she arrived at Los Angeles International Airport over the weekend. Her response may raise a few brows.

“Would you call [Jenner] a self-made billionaire?” the reporter asked.

“She’s a girl boss… [she’s] killing it,” Hilton said.

When she was asked if she considered herself self-made, Hilton said:


The socialite certainly made a name for herself in the early 2000s when she became an entertainment and tabloid magazine fixture for her lavish lifestyle, celebrity entanglements and short-lived romances.

Paris Hilton with fellow socialite, Nicole Richie (second from right) and (from left) “self-made” musicians Big B
Paris Hilton with fellow socialite, Nicole Richie (second from right) and (from left) “self-made” musicians Big Boi, Jessica Simpson and André 3000 at the 2003 Billboard Music Awards.

She’s parlayed that fame well, lending her name to perfumes, fashion and other lifestyle products. She also makes quite the pretty penny for appearances. As GQ described in 2014, she is a trailblazing celebrity who “made it possible to be famous for doing nothing,” and opened the door for others with recognizable names — like the Kardashians and their ilk — to make money by merely showing up to a club. 

Yet it was her well-known last name that gave her access to the upper echelons of Hollywood’s celebrity culture in the first place.

As Dictionary.com, pointed out after Forbes’ controversial claim that Jenner was a self-made billionaire, the use of the adjective isn’t entirely accurate.

Simply put, Jenner and Hilton did not live “The Simple Life” before they became girl bosses. 

Both come from families whose success and wealth afforded them a life of privilege and they took advantage of these opportunities.

So, the claim that either of these women are self-made is much like the families they hailed from — rich.