Paris Hilton Dressed Up As A Sexy Bunny For Halloween, Seems To Be Low On Ideas This Year

Last year, Paris Hilton's Halloween costumes included but were not limited to: Barbie, Madonna in "Like A Virgin," Miley Cyrus at the VMAs, a sexy ballerina, a sexy mermaid, a sexy fairy, a sexy warrior and a sexy cheetah / possibly a sexy member of "The Cheetah Girls." Indeed, Paris Hilton celebrates eight nights of Halloween, and she has begun this year with Minnie Mouse ... and a sexy bunny.

We still have time (and approximately six costumes) for redemption here, but Minnie Mouse and a sexy bunny is not a great start. It's a sexy start, but not a very clever or inspired start, considering she's working with thousands of dollars of resources. Maybe the latter costume is intended as a commentary on the tired reality of treating women as objects and expecting them to be hyper-sexual in certain contexts but condemning it in others? Maybe it is just a bunny.



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