Paris Hilton Stars In Weird April Fools' Ad For Super Hydrating Water

The product, NanoDrop, was made by the “Paris Hilton Institute of Plastic Pollution Solutions.”

If you’ve been wondering what Paris Hilton has been up to, you’re in luck. She’s currently the star of a branded April Fools’ Day prank video on behalf of SodaStream.

And ... it’s not half bad.

The hotel heiress opens the fake video donning a true-to-form pink dress and cape/vest made of plastic found “in the stomachs of sea turtles.”

“So sad,” Hilton says, going on to say that “plastic bottles are poisoning our planet,” but she has found the solution!

Hilton starts shilling NanoDrop, a sparkling-water product that is purportedly 5,000 times more hydrating than regular water. She says that it’s a product made by the “Paris Hilton Institute of Plastic Pollution Solutions,” or PHIPPS. The tagline: “NanoDrop — the greatest invention since man invented drinking.”

“That means less water, less plastic bottles, happy turtles, happy Paris ― magic!” Hilton says.

“Science!” one of the white-coated scientists interjects.

In the initial roll-out of the ad on Facebook, we watch Hilton and her perfectly coiffed hair encourage us to check out for a free sample of her product.

However, in another video featuring Hilton’s description of NanoDrop at the beginning, there’s a shift halfway through.

“So... Apparently NanoDrop is not 5,000 times as hydrating as regular sparkling water. Yeah. It’s kinda like the same. I became suspicious when my chief scientist Phil became severely dehydrated. He will be missed,” Hilton says, stroking a shiny gold urn, presumably filled with Phil’s ashes.


Hilton goes on to say that her newer solution to rid the world of plastic bottles is to use SodaStream’s sparkling water maker.

We gotta hand it to you, Paris. This is pretty hot.

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