OMG, Paris Hilton Snapchats Her Experience Of Getting Trapped In An Elevator

"This sucks."

Paris Hilton is currently visiting Beijing to do whatever it is that she does to most likely promote a fragrance or DJ somewhere. Hilton invited fans to follow her #BeijingAdventures on Snapchat and ended up giving people a look at what it's like to be stuck in an elevator.

Here are some of the most notable things she said while being stuck: 

"We are stuck in an elevator right now." 

"This sucks." 

"Oh, my god." 

"Oh, my god, we're still stuck. Please get us out of here." 

"Oh, my god. Shit. Oh, my god." 

"Please get us out of here. Oh, my god. It's so hot. I cannot breathe in here." 

"Oh, my god."

"I really hope his arm does not fall. Shit." 

"Oh, my god, we're never gonna get out of here." 

"It's been like 30 minutes. Oh, my god, his fingers! Shit." 

"Oh, my god. Fuck. Jesus." 

Hilton is eventually rescued by a kind soul she gives a shoutout to in her video. According to TMZ, Hilton spent about an hour in the elevator before being rescued. To watch the entire video of Hilton stuck, head to TMZ here.  

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