Paris Jackson Is A Bigger 'High School Musical' Fan Than You

Troy Bolton will always be bae.


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Paris Jackson during her interview with Jimmy Fallon. 
Paris Jackson during her interview with Jimmy Fallon. 

The King of Pop’s daughter, Paris Jackson, made an appearance on “The Tonight Show” Monday to promote her guest role on the Fox drama series “Star,” which marks her professional acting debut. 

In her interview with Jimmy Fallon, Jackson revealed that one of the first concerts she begged to go to was “High School Musical Live.” Yes, that’s right, Paris Jackson was a hardcore fan of “HSM” just like the rest of tweenage America at the time.

Turns out the concert was a huge letdown though, since Zac Efron wasn’t there to play Troy Bolton due to his filming schedule. Needless to say, Jackson was “this heartbroken 10-year-old.” Apparently Efron’s replacement actor didn’t even look like him either. “I was so bummed,” she confessed. 

 Catch the rest of her interview below and be sure to watch her appearance on “Star” on Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.



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