Paris - NOW it's big news?!


‘There is still much that needs to be investigated in the field of “climate change”.’

This was Trump’s answer to one of 20 Science Questions asked him by Science Debate which also got the other 3 candidates to answer. Their responses were released in early September, 2016, 2 months before the election. Unfortunately, despite our pushing the "mainstream media" to report out what was essentially the candidates’ science and environment agendas, editors and reporters showed little or no interest. Nor did they want to partner with Science Debate in asking for a science/environment-themed debate. Attempts to get debate moderators to at least ask some science questions also failed. How bad was it? The week after the Paris Climate Accord was signed, there were two presidential primary debates. At neither of them was a single question asked about the accord, or about climate change.

This is a moral failure of the press. Science Debate wants to find out why this happens - and not just during elections - and then help reporters give science the attention it deserves, so the public is better informed and makes better choices. Any help you give will go toward making the world great again.

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