Paris Rooftop Scalers Defy Death In Jaw-Dropping Video

Sometimes, strolling along the Seine just doesn't cut it.

In a video posted to YouTube earlier this month, some hardcore parkour buffs take their bold sport to the rooftops of Paris. Just watching them leap across the city's narrow passageways, rooftop to rooftop, is enough to make your stomach drop. Obviously, we don't recommend trying this yourself.

The real action, City Lab points out, begins at the two-minute mark.

YouTube user SamUltima, who posted the video, wrote about the experience on his page:

...We found some awesome roofs that were all linked together and even a small spot at the highest point we manage to get to. So we began to move and jump around, the mission was getting more and more intense. We didn't know how long we could stay there so we were doing every movement on the first attempt.

It was really surprising to move this way but really enjoyable. Making the best out of every moment without knowing what will happen in the next few minutes.

After this session, we took some time to rest and finally enjoy the view of the sunset.

While footage like this is enough to induce vertigo in plenty of viewers, there's a whole community of urban climbers who've never met a sky-high ledge they didn't like. Last year a group in Russia called the "roofers" drew attention for taking selfies while hanging off of buildings -- sometimes as tall as 50 stories -- by their fingertips.



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