Paris Is Filled With Secret Gardens, You Just Have To Know Where To Look

When you think of touring Paris, you likely think of the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame Cathedral or the Louvre. When you think of enjoying your time in Paris, you likely think about lounging in one of the city's famous parks with a croissant and a classic read to feel, you know, Parisian. And while the Tuileries or the Luxembourg Gardens are certainly divine, there are plenty of parks strewn across the City of Light that are ripe for exploring.

So whether your goal is to relax, explore or have a romantic rendez-vous, here are five secret parks in Paris, as picked by local writer Marie Farman in her new book, The 500 Hidden Secrets of Paris, out in March.

Jardin Albert Kahn
Anne Sophie Tchicot
This Japanese garden pays tribute to Albert Kahn, a 19th-century businessman with ties to Japan. Photo thanks to Anne Sophie Tchicot.
Jardin Catherine Labouré
Jdoniach/Wikimedia Commons
This cottage garden is great for picnics or R&R.
Jardin Saint-Gilles Grand Veneur
Lionel Allorge/Wikimedia Commons
This tiny garden sits in the middle of a housing block.
Le Square du Vert Galant
Ismael Valladolid Torres/Wikimedia Commons
Yes, this is a garden on the western tip of Ile de la Cite, and as such offers a killer view of the Louvre and the Pont Neuf.
Les Jardins des Hotels d'Assy et de Breteuil
Courtesy of Caroline Hauer
This cluster of city gardens are set in the heart of le Marais. Photo thanks to Parisian Shoe Gals.
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