France-Germany Match Goes On Amid Explosions Outside Paris Stadium

The Stade de France will be the site of seven Euro 2016 matches next summer.

A soccer match inside the national stadium of France continued until completion on Friday as chaos consumed the city outside. 

Two loud explosions could be heard approximately 15 minutes into the first half of an international friendly match between France and Germany at the Stade de France, located just north of Paris. An Associated Press reporter said sirens and a helicopter were heard soon after. 

Several other attacks were simultaneously reported around the city of Paris, including a shooting at a restaurant and a hostage-taking at a concert venue. Scores of people reportedly were killed.  

French President Francois Hollande, who was in attendance at the soccer match, was evacuated from the stadium and escorted to the Interior Ministry.

The teams, however, played on, with France eventually beating the world champions 2-0. Financial Times columnist and soccer writer Simon Kuper was at the game and live-tweeted the situation as it unfolded. 


Fans were reportedly escorted out in small groups after the game. Some decided to wait as reports of violence outside the stadium reached them. 

The soccer match was a prelude to next summer’s Euro 2016 tournament in France. The country has increased security measures ahead of the tournament and upcoming global climate talks. Stade de France will be the site of seven Euro 2016 matches, including the final.

Major sporting events have often been an area in which coordinated attacks occur, including at the 1972 Olympics and 2013 Boston Marathon.