Baguette Or Bagel? Espresso Or Americano? Mesmerizing Video Takes On An Age-Old City Rivalry

It's an age-old rivalry: The City of Lights or the Big Apple?

A new video created by the design studio Nord Collective serves as an animated version of Vahram Muratyan's 2012 book "Paris versus New York: A Tally of Two Cities." The group hoped to pay homage to Muratyan's work while posing some of the greatest travel mashups of all time. Baguette or bagel? Macaron or cupcake? Espresso or Americano?

The full project, animated with stunning minimalistic illustrations, compares everything from public transportation to the cities' national monuments and favored methods to imbibe.

But let's be honest: Despite some misconceptions here and there, Paris and New York are both phenomenal cities. And who says you can't love both? Marilyn certainly did.