Park Slope Food Co-op Gets 'The Daily Show' Treatment (VIDEO)

All eyes turned to the Park Slope Food Co-op on Tuesday evening, where as you're probably already aware and don't really give a hoot, members turned down the proposed controversial ban on Israeli food products.

Whether you're proud of the co-op's decision, disappointed with the anticlimactic results, or just thankful the exaggerated drama is over and done with, riled up Park Slope residents on either side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can now bury the hatchet with a hilarious segment from "The Daily Show," as news correspondent Samantha Bee reminds us that wait, we were just talking about a grocery store.

So why the spectacle? As The Guardian theorizes, maybe it's because a vast majority of working New York journalists live in the neighborhood? Are people just that hyped on hummus and couscous? Was the meeting just an excuse to reference the Beastie Boys and utilize Occupy Wall Street hand signals?

Whatever it was that got the meeting to explode on Twitter, Park Slopers took a break from their usual "babyccino" uproars to weigh in on the political dispute.

Watch the "Co-Occupation" below: