Parker Griffith Attacked For Ties To Dean, Reid By GOP Rival

A leading GOP congressional candidate in Alabama has greeted Rep. Parker Griffith's entrance into the Republican Party with a mailer tying him to prominent Democratic politicians.

Les Phillip, who is now running a primary campaign against Griffith, put out a mailer on Monday noting the fundraising that Griffith did on behalf of former DNC Chair Howard Dean and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. That fundraising, of course, occurred when Griffith was a Democrat.

The Alabama pol officially switched political parties last week, citing differences with Democratic leadership. But opposition research is complicating that explanation.

Phillip, who has won the endorsement of several prominent conservative figures (including
), highlights two separate $1,000 donations Griffith made to Dean and Reid's respective campaign committees. Playing up the findings a bit, the mailer accuses Griffith of giving "THOUSANDS in campaign cash to
Liberal Democrats

Also pictured on the mailer is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). That's a bit odd. Griffith doesn't appear to have donated to the House leader's campaign committee. Nor was he an avid backer. In fact, before actually switching parties Griffith made it quite clear he no longer supported Pelosi in her current post.

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