Selfless Cop Escorts Adorable Family Of Ducklings Across Busy Street

"Ducks aren't supposed to play Frogger."

Four adorable ducklings got police protection after being spotted trying to cross a busy street in Parker, Colorado.

Sgt. Joe Cummings of the Parker Police Department came to the rescue of the cute quartet on Friday as they attempted to navigate their way through traffic.

He kindheartedly helped the animals, which were not accompanied by their mother, safely across the road.

"Ducks aren't supposed to play Frogger," the department posted to Facebook, alongside a delightful picture showing Cummings cradling one of the ducklings to his badge.

"We've gotten so much rain over the last day, four adorable little ducklings were lost," it added. "After helping them across the intersection of Parker & Lincoln, our Sergeant contacted Colorado Parks and Wildlife."

The current location of the ducklings is not known, but they are reported to be "safe." The Huffington Post has reached out for more information.

Cops in Canada were similarly selfless earlier this month when they escorted a mother duck and her brood to safety after citizens reported them waddling through downtown Saskatoon.