Parkour Runner's Dizzying Mountain Descent Will Leave You Breathless

"Obviously this was difficult."

A parkour runner captured his dizzying descent down a Chinese mountain with a GoPro in his mouth.

Calen Chan, 19, deftly navigated drops ranging from 5-10 feet in height down the ridiculously steep Skyladder Parkour course on Tianmen Mountain with the action camera attached to a mouth mount at the end of May. 

Obviously this was difficult,” Chan wrote on YouTube. “And I physically couldn’t sprint down the entire path of deadly drops without slowing down, but I did my best!”

Since Chan shared the dramatic point-of-view video online Saturday, it’s garnered more than 420,000 views.

In a subsequent Facebook post, Chan revealed his knees “surprisingly” didn’t hurt after he completed the course.

Literally the only thing that was on fire was my quads, because it basically felt like doing 100 jump squats with a weighted vest,” he wrote. “Other than the soreness, I sustained no injuries on this course whatsoever!”