Here's The Real Reason Behind That Shocking 'Parks and Rec' Finale

When Amy Poehler speaks, NBC listens.

The star of the NBC sitcom "Parks and Recreation" has proven to be a master when it comes to making audiences laugh, which is why, when it comes to how her show's final season should end, the saying at the Peacock network goes a little something like this: What Poehler wants, Poehler gets.

For anyone who isn't caught up with the residents of Pawnee, last season's final episode saw a time jump of three years for Leslie Knope and the gang. That meant Poehler's character was comfortably filling her role running the regional branch of the National Parks Service and she had given birth to triplets, which, according to co-star Retta who plays Donna Meagle on the show, is exactly how Poehler wanted it.

When asked what she thought of the shocking leap in time that happened in the Season 6 finale, Retta told Vulture she was just as surprised as everyone else. "I never knew that was going to happen," Retta said. Apparently the actress rarely reads scripts before shooting and since she wasn't included in those final scenes, she found out by watching at home, just like us regular people.

But Retta wasn't completely in the dark when it came to the direction of the show, and she says fans can thank Poehler for the twist that took place in that final episode. "Actually, I saw Amy Poehler at Aziz Ansari’s birthday party and she was like, 'I’m not working with babies, so I told them we’re doing a time jump so I don’t have to work with babies,'” Retta said. "She was like, 'I just had two kids. I’ve had my share of babies for the last three years. I’m not doing another year of babies. Especially triplets.'”

Take that babies!
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