'Parks & Recreation' Finale: Leslie Wins Election, But Ben Is The One Heading To Washington (VIDEO)

The end of the season and the end of the election on "Parks & Recreation" (Thu., 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC) and it came down to 21 votes. 21 votes that went in favor of Bobby Newport. Lucky for Leslie, the closeness of the vote prompted a mandatory recount, so there was nothing but the waiting.

This finale had all of the classic elements that make for a great "P&R" episode. It was genuinely touching to see Leslie tear up when casting her vote for herself in the election. And it was completely typical that Jerry would somehow screw up -- in this case, he was too late to even vote. Luckily, Jerry's non-vote wasn't the deciding factor.

It was Ann who gave Leslie the news. After the recount, there was still a 21 vote difference. Only this time it was in Leslie's favor. Councilwoman Knope has won the day! But the success of her campaign had an unexpected side effect.

Newport's campaign manager was so impressed with Ben's running of the Knope campaign that she offered him a dream job in Washington running a national campaign. A job Leslie at first was reluctant to let him take, but in the end encouraged him to.

While NBC has renewed "Community" and "30 Rock" for shortened season, there is no official word yet on "Parks & Recreation," though insiders are confident it will return; at least for a shortened season.

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