'Parks And Rec' Predicted 'Game Of Thrones' Would Go 'Off The Rails' Years Ago

Leslie Knope said Khaleesi would be marrying Jack Sparrow, which definitely isn't happening, but she wasn't that far off.

Oh Knope! Did “Parks and Recreation” inadvertently predict how “Game of Thrones” would end?

Some Eagle(tonian, we’re sorry)-eyed fans tweeted about a moment from Season 7 of the Amy Poehler-helmed show that contained eerily accurate predictions about the fantasy series back in 2015.

In Episode 4 of that season’s “Parks and Rec,” Leslie Knope (Poehler) and Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) get locked together in their office overnight when their friends attempt to heal a yearslong rift between the two.

Upon realizing they’ve been locked in, Leslie and Ron run to the locked glass doors dividing them from their friends and beg to be released. Leslie tells her husband that she has to be let out because the “Game of Thrones” series finale is airing that night. 

(That “Parks and Rec” episode was supposedly set in 2017 — so they were wrong about when the series finale of “GoT” would air — but we’re not talking about that.)

Leslie says two things that will now resonate with fans of the HBO series: She references Jack Sparrow and says the show has “gone off the rails.”

Admittedly, Jack Sparrow ― of “Pirates of the Caribbean” fame ― does not appear anywhere in “Game of Thrones,” nor does he marry Khaleesi. But many fans have noted that Euron’s character bears a resemblance to Sparrow.

Additionally, quite a few “GoT” fans have criticized the series’ final season by saying it’s “gone off the rails!”

We know it’s a bit of a stretch, but if you need more convincing, here’s what people have been saying on Twitter: